You are bidding for the board wargame: FORTRESS EUROPA published by Avalon Hill in 1980.

The game is used. I've played this game a 3 or 4 times all the way through but all components (counters, gameboard and playing charts) are complete and in EXCELLENT condition. The counters have been "clipped" to ease stacking and come in a plastic counter tray with a lid which helps you organize the various counters by combat type or geographical setup, whatever you prefer.

The game box is also in EXCELLENT condition with a minimal amount of "shelf-wear" (see photo). All in all a very playable copy. If you already own a beat-up copy of this game this makes an excellent source for a replacement board and/or counters. If you don't own this game you should bid on it because this is a true Avalon Hill classic.

Also included are a half dozen articles from Avalon Hill's General magazine that discuss strategy, play by mail rules and errata in the game.

Buyer pays $13.50 S/H via Priority Mail (U.S. only). Please ask for costs to other countries but be aware t is no longer any cheap option for international shipping (all international mail is shipped by air now). Insurance is optional for $1.85