AVALON VT-737SP Tube Mic Pre/Comp/EQ/ Light Use

Avalon Vt-737sp Vacuum Tube Mic Pre/Compressor/EQ recording channel strip. If your looking at buying this you probably already know just how amazing the multi award winning Vt-737sp sounds on just about everything, especially on vocals and guitars. The Vt-737 won all those awards for good reason, it will add warmth and air to your recordings, that Avalon shimmer to your tracks, it's one of my go to first and best sounding mic pres that compliments almost any mic, instrument or line input and gives me that super pro sound.

Serial No. 14922, this highly cared for lightly and gently used Avalon Vt-737sp is in pristine condition, It has never been mounted in a rack (no mounting screw marks on the faceplate, please look at the pictures) looks like new and sounds better than any new stock Avalon that can be purchased today because of the upgrades that I have added.

I have replaced the original Russian tubes with Mullard's (NOS - New Old Stock, vintage early 1960's) British Made, vacuum tubes a $300 upgrade + an additional $100 for the Babyface Mod. The "Babyface Mod" a fast attack Compressor modification for allows the compressor to react faster for more control over transients. The Mod" was done at the Avalon Factory by their technicians. I highly recommend to anyone seriously considering an Avalon to do this mod, it REALLY

Lets talk tubes: Tubes are the heartbeat of this micpre and compressor. Any audiophile will tell you they make a huge difference if you use top quality tubes. The older ones are usually better because it was at the height of the tube manufacturing era, new tubes these days tend to sound thinner, brittle and sterile. The British, German and Holland tubes are the most sought after for their qualities of musicality and interaction with the overtones that give it that "really musical feel"

The tubes are New Old Stock Mullard's E88CC/6922 equivalents vintage early 1960's. I listened to a lot of tubes before I finally chose these. The sound of these Mullard's are absolutely fantastic giving a more pronounced bottom end, more airy highs and some 3 dimensionality to the sound quality that just isn't t with the original Russian made Sovetek and Electro-Harmonix tubes that come as stock issue in the Avalon. I've also included the original tubes so you can use them as well or just have a back up pair.

This auction comes with the original (unused) Operations manual, work order and paperwork for the Babyface modification and re-calibration work performed and the original box and packing as shipped from the plant. Any questions just ask.


Babyface Mod, fast attack compressor modification Mullard Tubes - Upgrade/New Old Stock (gold plated pins) one set installed (4 tubes) E88CC/6922 (New) Set of 4 Original stock tubes included, (Russian Made Operation Manual Original Box & Packing

Item must be paid for within 3 days of auction close. Paypal preferred but I will accept a personal check, however I will not ship until payment has been confirmed by the bank. Local Pickup OK.

Best of luck bidding!

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