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*(New Information from a Very Nice fellow ebayer has Informed me that this Item may have once had a lid on It. It doesn't show

signs of wear from a lid, but It Is very possible, as she sent me a picture of hers with a lid, and It fits on nicely to the shape of

the top of the pitcher, so may you have a lid that the pitcher has gotten broken, this would be perfect. Or, Many pitchers are made

to be used without a lid, as water, milk, juice pitchers, and this Is such an eye catching piece, with or without a lid, It's a nice treasure)*

This Is for a Very Nice Vintage Pitcher that I am guessing would have been used for milk, water, juice or even syrup.

The pitcher Is heavy duty, In Great Shape, and rather attractive.

Possibly Porcelain?

It Is a RARE Raspberry Pink In Color on the outside and white on the Inside, of both having a nice gloss.

The Pitcher shows very little to no wear, even on the bottom.

There are no cracks or repairs.

The Pitcher Is signed, with Vitrified Avco China Alliance Co., and marked

U.S.A. 30 ~ all stamped on the bottom of the piece.

I am just learning about vintage Items, so please feel free to email with any questions at all.

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