Avenged Sevenfold Huge Art Print Poster 33 x 23'' L_399

Avenged Sevenfold


Measures: 33 x 23'' inch

This stunning image consists of 4 large panels which when put together make one very large striking image.

The picture is created using new software technology to create a mosaic effect. The full image is comprised of thousands of perfectly symmetrical circles to give a stunning and unique result. You wonâe(tm)t be disappointed.

Each panel is A3 in size (29.7 by 42 cms 11.5'' by 16.3'')


You are looking at a beautifully designed art print.

The image consists of approximately one million tiny circular dots, this is different from any standard poster, the're cool, contemporary, original and funky.

The finished product has been professionally printed onto 200gms heavyweight card using the HP Indigo 3050 digital printing press (see photo) that uses patented liquid ink technology and high speed electronic imaging to achieve the excellent print quality.

All prints are of Litho print quality and use fade resistant inks.

You are buying a quality product.


Blowing up images can often produce a pixilated, poor quality end result. Using our method every art print is carefully crafted to give a quality finish. You wont be disappointed.

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