Avengers 33 FINE/VERYFINE Silver age

Hi- THanks for checking out my auction. I have been collecting for about 45 years and really enjoy the hobby. This auction is for Silver age avengers # 33 in FINE/VF 7.0 Condition. PLEASE NOTE CONDITION IS OF COURSE AN OPINION UNLESS YOU WORK FOR CGC. The standard I use is the over street buying guide but with that said you must look at the pictures to formulate your own opinion. I have seen listings for comics where it is fairly obvious that people really really overgrade what they are trying to sell. I try hard not to do that and the grade I assign is the grade I believe I would be happy with if I were the purchaser. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns either prior or after sale. MY FEED BACK IS Impeccable and is important to me- so feel confident in bidding.
Thanks again,
Bmcfish(aka Rob)