AVENGERS # 50 NM 9.0 Hercules Titan Battle 1968 Key


Rumor has it t is a Captain America Movie in the works that might be good for a change. These already hot books could skyrocket .

NM 9.0 Super Nice Issue

Silver/Bronze Age 1968

Hercules Titan Battle

All photos are actual scans.

Border w present is is so you can see edges against white background

Avengers #50: "To Tame a Titan
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: John Buscema Synopsis:
Typhon takes his campaign to the Earth and the Avengers stand in his way. The Avengers defeat Typhon and free the Olympians.


Overall Grade Range: NM 9.0 to 8.5 General Impression: Cover spine and edge wear edge discoloration etc. see picture you decide its grade and what it is worth. Pages Off-White Prof Certified Graded No Missing Pages/Coupons: None Other: How about that +/- 39 years Old

*This is not meant to decribe every possible includable flaw in the book. Obviously the lower the grade range the more defects a book has. Look at the picture and if unsure ask questions. Unless a book is professionally graded, the grade assigned is my opinion, based on my experience and review of the book. See below for additional information.

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