AVID, Digidesign FWx Option Card for VENUE D-Show and Mix Rack


Integrate Pro Tools recording and playback into your Avid live sound workflow. The FWx Option Card is a FireWire-based option for FOH Rack - or Mix Rack -based systems that enables you to record and play back up to 32 channels of audio using Pro Tools and your live system—no Pro Tools hardware required. Simply use the card to connect your Avid live system, over FireWire, to a compatible Windows- or Mac-based computer running Pro Tools software. You can install one FWx Option Card into an FOH Rack or Mix Rack.

With Pro Tools software running on a computer connected to your D-Show, Profile, or Mix Rack System, you can record and archive live performances using your system as the audio interface, and play back prerecorded Pro Tools tracks along with the live inputs. You can also perform Virtual Soundcheck in a condensed capacity—a timesaving process that lets you play back tracks recorded from a previous performance and adjust the mix before the actual performance or rehearsal, without requiring the presence of the performers.

Provides a direct digital connection (24-bit/48 kHz) between a D-Show, Profile, or Mix Rack System and a computer running Pro Tools software—no Pro Tools interface required Record up to 32 channels of digital audio directly to a computer-based
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