Aviom A-16II 16 Channel Personal Mixer

Note: Stand mount included. PS-120 power supply must be purchased separately (these units can be used with Power Over Ethernet (POE) such as when connected to the A-16D Pro which I have listed in a separate auction.)
More Monitor Gain and Power for Your Digital Snake

The Aviom A-16II Personal Mixer makes your digital snake even more powerful! It's an updated version of the original A-16 Personal Mixer, with newly designed higher voltage and higher current output circuitry. The new output design lets you use even high impedance headphones and drive them louder and cleaner. It also provides cleaner transient response to the entire range of output devices.

The A-16II includes a new auto-detect circuit at the output that determines whether the device plugged into its audio out jack is mono or stereo. You'll never short out one side of the mixer's stereo output electronics again! Auto-detect also makes it easier to implement mono devices with the Personal Monitor Mixing System. When a mono plug is detected in the output jack, the A-16II's circuit automatically pans the right channel information so that the individual channel balance remains accurate.

New solo mode, global trim and more!
Several new software enhancements have been added to the A-16IIi, in response to input from users around the world. A new solo mode,
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