Awesome 11" Beautiful Texas Fossil Spiral Ammonite # 2

Thanks for visting my auctions. Saved from construction destruction ! Offered this week from the days of the Dinosaurs is this beautiful to die for Eopachydiscus marcianus which has beautiful rugged features,Sutures and (( huge ribs )) on both sides. 11 Inches and Approx. 14-15 pounds ! Difficult to find this species in such great shape.! Georgeous colors ! Outstanding Umbilicus( Center) on front. Great creamy natural color mix with other tones and colors.! I have written the providence on one side and signed it ,TC... Leafy Sutures,just look ! This exceptional A mmonite comes from the 100 million year old Duck Creek Fm. of North Texas. Albian Stage, Upper Cretaceous of Tarrant County of Fort Worth Texas which I found with permission. Great show- n- tell at school ! Super display office sized Ammonite. Sealed and prepared with Shellac the old way. Needs a secure home. Normal 100 million year old chips , dings and scars. I hope my first bid request is fair Yup ! please keep my prepared fossils indoors so the beauty will last. Lot cheaper to send than a 50 lb. example I assure you. Thanks for viewing folks ! Thanks for yer bidness in 2007! Please let this Ammonite be a new addition to your collection for years to come. Normal scars and dings from a hundred million years of aging. Cheers! Winner please inc. USA shipping Priority
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