Awesome Collection Lot BV$1000++ Many Stars & RC's w/ Relic and Autographs

Up for bid is a part of my collection of baseball cards. I've been a collector for 20+ years, and I've come to a point where it's time to cull the collection a little bit. In brief, here are the basics of what the lot includes...
...The lot is in a 3200 ct. box - there aren't 3200 cards because many are in rigid holders or soft sleeves (see the box photo) but I'd guess there are about 2000 or so cards, give or take a few. 99.9% of the cards are in NM-MT condition, most are fresh out of the pack and haven't been touched or handled since that time. This lot is mostly stars and RC's - very few commons. I'd say there are roughly 100 commons, mostly from sets that I was in the process of building - in this box the commons are from 2012 Topps, 2008 Allen & Ginter, 1982 Donruss, and 1984 Donruss.
Everything else is a star, semistar, RC, game used/relic/autograph, or something else similar.
There is a whole lot in this 'lot' and the pictures and details below should do the description a little more justice. The winning bidder gets all the cards in the photos and more (I couldn't possibly photograph every card in the collection, but the photos give a general idea). Before I dive into that details, I can tell you what's not in the lot...
You won't find anything before 1982 - the 82 Donruss are the oldest stuff in the box.
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