Awesome Gilbert AMERICAN FLYER TRAIN SET 20545 with Boxes and Instructions

This is an excellent 20545 American Flyer Train set. It includes the 10 cars that were included in the original set plus the additional bonus cars that we added to the set that I am selling as part of the set. This train has been in my family since the 1960s. It has always been stored in the original boxes and inside in the original outer box. It was set up almost every Christmas but was taken very good care of and was considered a highly prized family possession.

All cars are in great condition and in the original boxes except for Exploding Carrier*. The condition of the boxes vary from good to worn and torn but the condition of the train cars is very good. They were well taken care of, my Father made sure of that.

Locomotive # 21139 - (Number boards in tact)

Union Pacific Tender # XA14N845-Y

State of Maine Box car # 24029

Jersey Central Cement car # 24209

Southern Gondola Car # 24116

Hooker Chemical Tank Car # 24324

M. St. L. Box Car # 24048

Deluxe Caboose # 24633

Jeep Transport # 24557

Union Pacific Cattle Car # 24076

Toy Transformer # 22030

1 Track Terminal

8 Straight Track 26700

12 Curved Track 26720

1 100 Watt Transformer 22030

Bonus Cars and other items added to the set:

Wrecker car # 24561
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