Awesome ROCKFORD FILES, MAVERICK, James Garner Collection! Books, Magazines!

GANGWAY for the amazing JAMES GARNER!!! This Buy-It-Now auction is for an awesome collection of James Garner memorabilia - a bunch of random newspaper & Magazines (some from the early 1960's!), several TV Guides and local Newspaper TV Listings/Guides and Magazine Clippings featuring articles about Garner and THE ROCKFORD FILES and MAVERICK.

Also - FIVE books:

1) The Rockford Files - a 1975 novel by Mike Jahn.

2) Maverick: Legend of the West by Ed Robertson- the essential "companion" book.

3) This is Jim Rockford...The Rockford Files Companion by Ed Robertson.

4) The Rockford File by David Martindale - awesome "companion" book!

5) James Garner - A Biography by Raymond Strait

Please ZOOM THE 4 PHOTOS - and have a look!!!

All of these items are in "good" to "very good" condition - a few are bagged, but most are not.

I'll boil it down - stacked on top of one another, this collection weighs close to 20 lbs.!!!!

"Buy-It-Now" or "Make an Offer" and take this one-of-a-kind collection home today!

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