Awesome SID DICKENS Memory Block Tile T-05 Angel WING RETIRED Art

"Wing" Memory Block

Name : Wing

Tile # : T05

Size : 6x8 in.

What are memory blocks?

Handmade in Canada since 1994, Memory Blocks are the original collectible wall plaques. Interactive and timeless, the collection captures pieces of history as tangible, enchanting collectible art for modern life.

About the artist

Sid Dickens is internationally renowned for his historical, symbolic and sometimes gothic motifs, sensual dark tones, and sculpted tridimensional tiles, he has been adding fantasy and rebellion to each of his creations for over 20 years.

Dickens' rescued-from-the-past relics decorate hotels, restaurants and private homes from New York to Tokyo.

Initially trained as a sculptor, Sid Dickens was quickly distinguished in the early 90s for his groundbreaking, unconventional, and prolific Memory Blocks. Describing himself as extremely motivated and a relentless beholder, Sid continues to take inspiration from his travels and constant research around the world. With numerous adoring fans and celebrity collectors like Sir Elton John, Liv Tyler, Dolce & Gabanna, Bono, Sting, Phil Collins and Hilary Duff, his name and unique Memory Blocks are recognized worldwide.

NOTE: Some silicone patches were added on the back for padding against the wall. Thanks for looking! God bless.