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Going Places W Others Can't!

Based upon the very popular competition ready AX10 Kit!! ...
... it comes ready-to-run (RTR) out of the box!!! ...

... and allows for two (2) configurations:

1. Rock Racer (as shipped):
Configured out of the box as a Rock Racer (20t pinion gear): Charge the terrain at full speed.

2. Rock Crawler:
Slow things down and methodically attack the rocks in Rock Crawler mode. Install the included 14t pinion gear ( AX30572 ) and differential locker ( AX30500 ). The AX10 Scorpion is an entry-level Rock Crawler / Racer (2 configurations), and It comes ready-to-run (RTR).

Hi-quality durable composite plastic and metals are used to take on the punishment of rock crawling and all out bashing! Lightweight 2.5mm aluminum side-plates provide a super stiff and durable chassis. Solid Axles that feature improved driveshaft angle, castor, and class leading steering throw. 80-125mm shocks for super articulation. Titanium nitride coated shock shafts for smooth operation. Molded skid plate with radius edges prevent hang-ups.

Features: Wheelbase: 304mm~320mm (12”~12.6”) Width: 254mm (10”) Height: 156mm (6.125”) Weight: 1588g (3.5 lbs) Complete ready to race/crawl out of the box 4WD 27T Electric Motor 20T pinion paired with an 87T spur gear gives you a quick rock racer ratio, or install the included 14T pinion for a slower rock crawling ratio. True Beadlock Wheels: No Messy Tire Glue! Hi-quality Composite Plastic and Metals Durable (ESC) Electronic Speed Controller: Hi-quality durable forward and reverse speed controller. Hi-Torque Servo help hold your line when rock crawling Solid Rear Axle lockouts improve ground clearance when crawling Slipper Clutch: Reduces gear wobble for a more efficient drivetrain. Allows a motor to work more efficiently and greatly enhances the durability of the drivetrain. Aluminum Chassis plates with a molded nylon skid plate provide a solid and rigid chassis Ultra compact and lightweight transmission Open front diff for smaller turning radius, or install the included front locker for more traction when rock climbing! Rear axle is locked for better traction. Full Ball bearings Overall gear ratio range from 15:1 to 74:1 Transmission: 2.6:1; center mounted Differentials: Front - gear differential; Rear - locked (spool) Transmission: Single-speed Tires: Axial 2.2 Rock Lizards Wheels: Axial 2.2 8 Hole Beadlocks (Satin Chrome) Suspension: 3 Link Drive Shafts: Universal front and rear

Chassis: Wheelbase: 304mm~320mm (12”~12.6”) Width: 254mm (10”) Height: 156mm (6.125”) Weight: 1588g (3.5 lbs) Articulation: 70° Ground Clearance: 79mm (3.125”)

Body: Length: 438mm (17.25”) Width: 181mm (7.125”) Height: 133mm (5.25”)

Electronics: Radio: 2 Channel Servos: 1 Hi-Torque (Standard Size) Forward/Revers ESC Motor: 27T 540/550 Size

7.2 Volt Stick Pack Battery (for vehicle)
Sitck Pack Charger
Eight (8) AA Alkaline Batteries (for Radio)

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