Rare Axis Titanothere Fossil Vertebra, C2, Brontothere, Badlands S Dakota T310

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Titanothere Fossils

Type : Large sized uncommon C2 Axis Vertebra from Titanotherium ingens , (often called Brontothere also). This is the second vert from the skull and aided in the twisting of the head. The pointed part, (Dens) would mesh into the hollow C1 vert. These are only found from occasionally. Will make a nice addition to the collection.

Locality : Private land in Pennington County, South Dakota

Age : Late Eocene Period, Chadronian, 35 Million Years Ago

Read below pictures for information about this specimen and the area it was found.

Weight : 4 lb


Titanotheres and Brontotheres

During the Eocene, brontotheres represented the largest mammals found in North America. Brontotheres were large robust animals, with the last forms reaching 14 ft in length and 8 ft at the shoulder. The body appeared to have the form of a rhinoceros but with more elephant-like legs and feet. The head is large and stocky with small eyes located to the front of the head and ears far in the back. The teeth are large and blocky, some of which reach a diameter of 4 inches and possess advanced adaptations for crushing and grinding plant material. Skulls of later genera often possessed large bifurcated horns on their
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