AZ Crystaline Gold Ore Panning PayDirt Mining Equipment

Buy Two Bags and the 2nd bag receives Free shippping! When we decided to start selling our concentrates we wanted to make sure that it was fun and exciting to all. We did not want to just take some dirt, add some gold and call it paydirt. The mine is located in Southren Arizona and is a placer Gold Claim. The gold is very coarse and mostly crytalline for it has not moved far from the source. Small nuggets, pickers and fine gold are the norm. The black sand contains flour gold also, so save your black sand. We have 2 size bags and this is a 3 lb bag being sold in this listing, they are both made in the same manor. The way we make our bags is as follows. When we are drywashing every 5th run is checked to insure we are finding gold and then the runs in between are bagged on the spot and after a some gold is added it is ready to be shipped to you. It is virgin drywashed concentrates and has not been gone though. You have the same chance that we do in finding small nuggets, pickers and fine gold making it fun for everyone. Please note: Gold Floats! Due to gold having, over the many, many years it has been in the ground some of it has come into contact with animal and vegetable oils. Especially your fines. They will float right out of your pan. To over come this problem, we advise that you either add, a couple of drops of Jet Dry or any ... read more