B.B. KING Signed Autograph Acoustic Guitar Pickguard Scratchplate BB B. B.


Autographed guitar pick guard scratchplate

Obtained in person & signed in permanent felt tip marker by:
B. B. King (VERY heavy bend/crease)

ATTENTION! PLEASE NOTE PRIOR TO BIDDING!!! The pickguard listed in this auction is flawed. You will receive the EXACT pickguard shown. Some of the flaws may or may not be visible in the photo. The pickguard may exhibit one or more of the following flawed characteristics: rushed or abbreviated signature, atypical signature style, bad signature placement, light ink, smudging, rubbing, scratches, bends, warps, ply/layer separation, botched personalization removal, and/or defective manufacturing

Returns are NOT accepted on the basis of any flaws. This item is being sold "As Is"

Each autographed item is accompanied by a Walls of Sound, LLC Certificate of Authenticity & Lifetime Guarantee

Our certificate of authenticity unconditionally guarantees that the autographed item you purchase is genuine and 100% authentic for the lifetime of the signature. Each item has been hand signed by the artist /entertainer described. The signatures are NOT reproductions, copies, or counterfeits of any kind. An example of our unique certificate of authenticity is at the bottom of the page.

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