B&O Cabooses - Photos and Diagrams

The purpose of the book is to present a very generalized overview of the caboose fleet of the Baltimore and Ohio, primarily centering around official caboose diagram sheets issued by the railroad.

Railroad equipment diagram sheets have long been sought after by historians, enthusiasts and modelers as on of the fundamental elements necessary to define and document the mechanical characteristics of cars and locomotives. B&O's first diagrams were prepared and issued in the latter part of the 19th century and evolved through several formats over the years.

This book has lots of detailed drawings of the cabooses as well as a good picture of the caboose.

Table of Contents:

Introduction B&O Caboose Summary Class K-1 Class I USRA Caboose Class I-1 Class I-1A Class I-2 Class I-3 Class C&C Class I-4 Class I-5 Class I-5A Class I-5B Class I-5BA Class I-5C Class I-5D Class I-6 Class I-7 Class I-8 Class I-9 Class I-10 Class I-11 Class I-12 Class I-13 Class I-14 Class I-14A Class I-16 Class I-17 Class I-17A XM900-series Transfer/Rider Cabooses Class I-18 Class C-15B Class C-5 Class C-8 Class C-9 Class C-26 Class C-26A Class C-28 Class C-27 Class C-27A B&O Caboose Interiors Chessie System "Safety" and "CCH" Cabooses Commercial B&O Caboose drawings B&O Caboose Scale Models Proper Use of
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