B&O Railroad Conductor's Step Stool, Antique?

B & O Railroad Conductor's Step Stool. Top measures 13.5 in by 8.5 in and 10.5 in high. Measuring from the bottom of the legs, it is 17.5 in by 12.75 in. The stool is plainly marked B & O (as pictured) and each leg pad is marked F5550. The stool is old, vintage? or antique? and is in pretty good condition except that one leg pad is damaged (does not affect stability) and the stool top has a damaged spot. Looks like salt water erosion. I obtained this item in 1978 on Harbour Island, off the north coast of Eleuthera (Bahamas). Talking to a couple native divers, they told me about a train sinking in the area, picked pretty clean by divers in the past. One mentioned his father had dived years ago and came up with this conductor's stool. Did I want to see it as a railroad collector? Of course I said YES and found it being used as a doorstop. I bought it! If it did not come from the sunken train, how did it get to Eleuthera? Several years later, I saw a 2-page liquor magazine ad that described a B & O passenger train that sunk off Eleuthera. Thought I saved it but after years of railroad collecting, I can't find it. I Googled the subject and came up "In 1865, A Confederate smuggler departed from North Eleuthera with a heavy load-a locomotive and several railroad cars. He never made it; the Train Wreck during a storm and

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