B1392 J/P sword Edo Shakudo Signed Fine Fuchi Kashira

B1392 Japanese Samurai sword

Edo Shakudo Takahorizogan


Signed Pretty Fuchi Kashira

Horse & Bamboo leaf design


Product: Fuchi Kashira

Region of origin: Japanese.

Original/Repro: Original

Age: Edo

Attachment: A wooden box

*T is no report and certificate attached to verify this item.



Size: (Fuchi) 3.7 x 2x 1 cm Weight 14g

Size: (Kashira) 3.4 x 1.7 x 0.5 cm Weight 7g

Material : Shakudo

Signature : Yanagawa Naomasa

Condition: Very good condition with minor flaws

Technique: Migakiji, Takahorizogan, Kiniroe

Decoration: Uma to Sasa zu (horse & bamboo leaf design)

This beautiful Fuchi Kashira is decorated with pretty horse and bamboo leaf inlaid in high relief with kiniroe. Poetic beauty is well presented in this Fuchi Kashira.

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