B634: HIGH-CLASS! Japanese OLD IMARI plate. Masterpiece


CONDITION : Good. ( Used. No fault. )
SIZE : Width 9.2" : Height 1.6" : Weight 580g
This is a plate of Japanese IMARI ware.
This was made about 200 years ago. It's Japanese EDO era.
And it is real OLD IMARI. It is never imitation.
This is made very well and is fantastic multicolored overglaze painting called IROE.
A design, a painting technique, a pigment quality, In all, it is excellent!!
Of course, it is hand-painting. It is never a print etc.
In colorful old Imari, such a too wonderful work is called KENJYO-TE.
KENJYO-TE is an article for presentation to DAIMYO(feudal lord).
So, KENJYO-TE is very very popular, and it is valuable.
Please take this plate in your hand in how, and look at it.
This is the HIGH-CLASS OLD IMARI seriously made by the specialist.
Please purchase it at this opportunity, and add to your Japanese OLD IMARI collection.
In order to avoid a trouble, please be sure to read the following "ABOUT SHIPMENT" etc.

SHIPPING COST and ABOUT SHIPMENT SAL EMS SEA MAIL USA, Canada, Oceania, Middle East USD 17.00 USD 36.00 USD 23.50 Europe USD 41.50 Asia USD 13.50 USD 27.00 USD 21.00 Africa, South America USD 20.00 USD 62.00 USD 26.50 Japan By Post office Service YU-PACK : US $10.00 Insurance(USD4.00) is not included in the display
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