BABIFIED MALES #5 - Grown Men in Diapers

INFANTAE PRESS____________________________________________ GROWN MEN IN DIAPERS ____________________________________________ BABIFIED MALES ~ #5 _______________________________________________________________ ANOTHER 30 PAGE, 8.5 x 11" ISSUE OF ADULTS IN SWADDLING CLOTHES. AND THEY LOVE IT! THIS NUMBER INCLUDES FOURTEEN HAND DRAWN ILLUSTRATIONS FOR YOUR PERSONAL ENJOYMENT. INSIDE: NURSERY NIGHTMARE LASTING BABYHOOD BABYHOOD WITH AUNT ANNA CONTENTED BABYKINS NURSERY FOR MY HUSBAND TEASING THE BIG BABY ___________________________________ WHAT A FUN ISSUE! IF YOU ARE A FAN OF ADULT BABIES, GET YOUR BID IN NOW! DON'T MISS THIS EXCITING DIAPER PACKED PUBLICATION! ___________________ ___________________________ ________________________________ ______________________________________