Babushka Book and RussianNesting Doll Set

Babushka Book and Nesting Doll Set Item is hand painted/decoupage and was carved in the Upper Volga region then delivered to their main workshop in St. Petersburg, Russia .

Each doll has multiple layers of non-toxic water-based lacquered.

The collectible items can be given as a gift or you can add them to your collection.

The bottom of the largest doll gets stamped with “Made in Russia”, initialed by the artist, and dated like a true collectible.

The Featured Item:

Babushka lives on her own in a cottage where everything is as neat as a pin. But she is so busy cleaning and polishing that she hardly notices the miraculous events going on around her. Then a mysterious dream leads her to put her daily worries aside and set out to find a special baby. She learns that the more you give away in love, the more you will receive. This is a Russian folk tale and a most interesting nativity story. There are beautiful folk-art illustrations, which the artists have carried onto a charming nesting doll so that the story can be opened up, doll by doll.

Small parts are not for children 3 and under.

St. Petersburg's workshop ships the items to a distribution center in the U.S. to expedite your orders. Your order will be placed after receiving your payment. Payments are due immediately. The approximate
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