BABY NO 2 Double Wheel CAST IRON Coffee Grinder Mill

Manufactured between 1871 and 1873 the first double wheel No. 2 stood 8 1/4" tall (excluding wooden base) and had no hopper cover. This example is marked "ENTERPRISE MFG CO PHILADELPHIA PA PAT. DEC 9, 1873" on both drive wheels; "ENTERPRISE MFG CO PHILADELPHIA PA PAT OCT 21, 73" on the lower body drawer housing; "PAT APRIL 13, 1873" on the stationary grinding gear: "No 2" on the upper body housing below the hopper; and two aligned dots on the rear of the upper body housing.

All original parts include both grinding gears and fastening screw, brass return spring and retaining collar, fineness of grind screw and non-slip retaining collar, drawer with porcelain knob, body latch with wing nut lock, walnut base with factory mounting screws, wooden crank knob.

I found this mill about 15 years ago at the Denton Threshers Convention in Denton N.C., and it had been repainted. I removed the paint with intentions of purchasing decals and restoring the original colors, but never did.

The mill is in wonderful shape with a few mold inclusions on the body from the casting process, but nothing serious at all. The grinders are excellent and have no stone chips; I actually used this mill to grind coffee daily for several years.

This is one of my favorite mills, but as I get older and my children show no interest
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