Babylon 5 336010 Earth Alliance Poseiden Fleet Carrier

Babylon 5 A Call to Arms - Poseiden Fleet Carrier

Given only to the most experienced Admiralsto command, the Poseidon is the heart of any fleet and often acts asthe flagship. Its sheer size grants a massive presence whenever it jumps in-system and though only a few have been built, they have already made themselves felt. A total of 16 Starfury flights are carried on board and the highly efficient launching bays can disgorge half of these in a single wave. The Poseidon, while weakly armoured, can withstand many hits before being crippled and is equipped with the most sophisticated Interceptor system within the Earth Alliance. Box contains one super carrier. Miniature is supplied with a plastic flight stand.
•Manufacturer: Mongoose Publishing •Line/Series: Babylon 5 Call to Arms •Stock Number: MGP-336010 •Contents: One (1) ship
•Sculptor: N/A
•Scale: N/A (Call to Arms) •Material: White metal alloy (lead free) •Condition: New Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required. Miniatures are shipped in original package; packaging shows expected, normal storage and shelf wear. This is a hobby product and not a toy. Recommended for ages 15 and up. Combined Shipping Each additional loose miniature or blister is $0.25, each additional box set is $2.
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