Bachmann Bros. Plasticville U.S.A. Church and House Unit CH-8 Model for Railroad

Plasticville U.S.A. Church and House Unit CH-8 The Town that Grows and Grows. "Any Child Can Easily Assemble The Units. All of the Units are Built to Scale for Miniature Railroads." Built by Young America. Manufactured b Bachmann Bros., Inc. Established 1833, Philadelphia 24, U.S.A. Contents: 1 church, 1 ranch house, 8 street lights, 3 benches, 2 telephone poles, 6 shrubs, 11 sections of house fence and 1 gate. The model seems to be in great shape outside of some of one church window's paper stain glass is poked out. The box says it has one evergreen tree and that is not in the box, but the box says it has 2 street lights, but there are 8 in the box.
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