O or S SCALE PLASTICVILLE Art Deco Hospital Kit,vintage
You are considering a complete, six-piece PLASTICVILLE Vintage Art Deco model of a Hospital.

This is a vintage piece dates from the 1950s - dated actually 1952 - and is a realistic 1930's style Art Deco clinic. Streamlined white accents, horizontal window mullions, - this must have been an ultramodern hospital!
It's a two-story white clinic with four facades and working doors and all the pieces for the second floor including beds, bassinets, operating tables, toilets, little chairs and furniture for a realistic view through the skylight. There are 19 pieces of furniture and equipment, plus a gray plastic chimney and vent stack on the roof. The roof is blue plastic and has a huge skylight that allows a viewer to look down into the Hospital. The front steps have a gray plastic (meant to be concrete) stoop.
Measures 8.5 inches by 6.5 inches by 5.5 inches tall. I believe this is O or S scale. In scale this would be a 35 foot tall building from the ground to the top of the parapet, and for a two story clinic on a foundation that’s about right.
It comes complete with the original cardboard box packaging. This is known as “Hospital Kit HS-6 Plasticville, USA” This is manufactured by Bachman Brothers of Philadelphia, patented June 17, 1952.
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