BAD BOYS Signed Movie Script 2X WILL SMITH

This auction is for a rare COLOR COPY of the entire movie script from the movie


A full 141 pages of screenplay.

Signatures are of the following:


Bad Boys is one of my favorite movies of all time. This movie oozes style. Stylish good guys battle stylish bad guys in the stylish, sizzling city of Miami. I just can't say enough good things about Bad Boys.

This is a film that works on many levels. Before Bruckheimer and Michael Bay became famous and lazy and made disappointing flicks (think Pearl Harbor and Armageddon), they made excellent movies like The Rock and Bad Boys. First off, directing is top notch. From the get-go, this movie moves along at a furious pace, and Bay's trademark slow-motion, close-up sequences are amazing.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence give first-rate performances as the supercool Miami Narc good guys. The villain Fouchet is also well-played by Karyo. Of course, t is the beautiful Tea Leoni. The assortment of smaller characters like Sanchez and Ruiz, Jojo, the Captain, and the goons add flavor to many scenes. Everyone is just so cool and stylish. I love Jojo the tire-man!
Action sequences are some of the BEST ever filmed. The lobby shootout, Club Hell, and all the others. Even the soundtrack in this movie
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