Badek badik pusaka from Indonesia with pamor keris kris

Badik pusaka from Indonesia
with nice pamor.
This is a very nice and old badek from Indonesia.
The Badek or badik is a traditional weapon in some parts of Indonesia, for example in Sulawesi it has the same value as a pusaka as the keris.
This badik has a nice visible pamor on the blade (see detailed pictures). The pamor is really nice, but hard to get on a picture. Off course in real vision the pamor is more nice. I'm not sure what pamor it is, but it looks like a Ngulit Semangkar (watermelon skin) a very positive and nice pamor. I'm not a pamor expert so please check this yourself (see the pictures), but you don't have to be an expert to see that this pamor is beautifull . Please note the nice pamor detail at the tip.
This badik is very old, probably made 18th century . The wooden handle and scabbard are less old, but this is quite common that the house of the badek is revised to honour the badek itself. The wood is very nice (see the detailed pictures).
The blade is +/- 26,5 cm and the total length in the scabbard is 42 cm.
Off course the low starting bid is less then the actual value and only to encourage you to give a good bid on this nice badik.
Please watch the pictures and judge yourself.
For more information about Badeks and Kerisses please please visit my site: www.devriesantiek.
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