BAE 1073 MP Preamp - Repairable - No Power Supply

Brent Averill Electronics BAE 1073 MP Mic Preamp. Is said to have some sort of 'buzz' on channel 1. No cosmetic damages or blemishes. Barely used at all.
New, one of these retails for $2,100. You will need to purchase a power supply, they are about $200 from BAE. Buy this, fix it, and either resell it or use it for pennies on the dollar.
The BAE 1073 is one of the finest mic preamps you can buy. If you want to make everything that uses a microphone better, this will do it.
Here is a product description from their website:

1073MP Features

This is the mic pre-amp version of the 1073 equaliser having the same well-known characteristic Class A sound with its harmonically rich low end, slight resonant highs, and maintained focused mids.

A transformer coupled input, with two selectable impedances makes the 1073MP work well with a variety of microphones.

There is also a line input feature for adding depth to 2-bus mixes and a DI input for all passive and active instruments.

As a coloured and versatile mic-pre, the 1073MP maintains its sonic signature across a wide bandwidth.

All Class A, transformer-coupled design in a 19" 1U chassis.

Line level XLR inputs for extra versatility as a line preamp. High impedance DI for guitar and synth. The same Class A components as the 1073
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