Bagpipe synthetic zipper bag with Pakistani Bagpipe parts

What I am selling here is a small size synthetic zipper bag which I think might be a Ross but has no name attached.
Bag has no leaks and has a set of stocks fitted from a set of Rosewood Pakistani, the chanter stock has a crack in the wood inside the mount which dosen't seem to extend further up and there is no leak when a chanter is fully inserted.
Included with the bag is the full set of black painted rosewood bagpipe parts to match the stocks and a MacKenzie tartan bag cover which I believe is wool.
If you wished you could use these as a seviceable basic bagpipe though I wouldn't use the chanter as it hasn't been drilled properly and therefore is not really that in tune (I am selling a pretty good polypenco chanter in another listing). The only other things needed if you want to play this pipe is a new flapper valve and cords. Could also make a good wall hanger.
Shipping in the UK will be £7.00. I don't wish to ship outside the UK