BAHAMASUNCUT SHEET $ 1.- COMMEMORATIVE TWIN BANKNOTES IN ACRYLIC CASE, THAT CAN BE OPEN AN TAKE OUT THE NOTE. P-50 SPECIAL SERIE F ND(1992) CATALOG PRICE $ 7.50 FOR THE SINGLE NOTE, THERE IS NO PRICE FOR THE 2 PIECES IN SHEET UNCUT WITH ACRYLIC CASE !! Currency history of Bahamas Christopher Columbus discovered the island of San Salvador in 1492. British colonists from Carolina settled in 1629 at New Providence. Although Spanish forces removed the British in 1641 and in 1703, the islands were finally ceded to Britian by the Treaty of Versailles in 1783. The Bahamas were a British Crown Colony until they achieved self-government in 1965, and gained its independence on July 10, 1973. Portuguese Joes from Brazil circulated in the Bahamas in the 1700s. the first coins were issued for the Bahamas in 1806. The Bahamas used Pound Sterling (GBP) notes and coins as legal tender until November 1, 1936. The Bahamas began issuing Pound Sterling banknotes (BHP) in 1869. The Pound was divisible into 20 Shillings and 240 Pence. On May 25, 1966, the Bahamas replaced the Bahamas Pound with the Bahamas Dollar (BHD) at the rate of 1 Bahamas Dollar equal to 7 Shillings equal to 0.98 US Dollars, or 2.86 Bahama Pounds. The Dollar is divisible into 100 Cents. The Bahamas used a currency board from 1916 to 1974. Banknotes were issued by the Bahamas Government ... read more