Bakelite Catalin Art Deco Cigarette Lighter Ellis

This is a highly collectible catalin table lighter circa 1930-40's. Its swirled green and gold case is thick catalin. It stands 6 inches tall; the base is 2.75 wide; the top is 2 inches wide. It has the original felt on the base. T is a minor nick in the case as shown in the photo. The maker is Ellis. We have had this in our collection of deco items for several years.
I will be happy to ship this Priority Mail for $7.00 which will include delivery confirmation and insurance.

's some additional photos. The chip is at the very end of the sentence - "this is the nick" - It is the same color so it is kind of hard to see. It looks like an sort of an indention. I had to lighten the photos a couple of times to get the nick to show. Also, I've included a better photo of the lighter open. You can see t is a scorched spot on the far left inside of the top.