Bakers Talcum Powder Shaker Tin

This vintage tin is 4" tall and 5 and a half inches around and is still full of powder.On the front of the tin are the words Baker's Talcum Powder, price 25 cents.On the right side of the tin are the words, Distributed by LMLebermans Sons Inc Phila.,Pa.On the left side of the tin are the words; Formula of a well known German Chemist.And on the back the words are: Baker's Talcum Power, Highly Perfumed, distributed by L.M.Leberman's Sons Inc. Phila. Pa. guaranteed under the food and drugs act. June 30,1906 Price 25 cents.On the top of this tin are the words Baker's Talcum Power. It has a top that open by twisting and then shaking on the power.The powder has very little smell left.The front of the tin has a small 1/8 indent on the front that can be seen in the picture. This tin is starting to show its age with what look like rust spots all over it, though it has never gotten wet.And a few spots w the paint has come off, but all the writing is readable.