Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Darkus Cyclone Percival w/DNA

For sale is a BRAND NEW BAKUGAN Mechtanium Surge DARKUS CYCLONE PERCIVAL w/770G + Unused DNA!

All loose Bakugan come with 1 Gate Card and 1 Ability Card and Unused DNA

Weaponize to strengthen your Battle Brawlers.

We just got a large stock of Mechtanium Surge in and are listing it as fast as we can. If you are looking for anything feel free to purchase this, combine shipping and inquire about other products that are hitting the shelves in a few weeks!

Please feel free to look through our store for other items to combine shipping and if there is something you are looking for that you do not see feel free to email us and ask us as we do not always have our entire inventory listed.