Baldwin Brass Model 5602.030.L Forged Brass-Privacy Style- Rim Lock-New In Box

Up for auction is a pristine, new-in-the box Baldwin Brass Rim Lock Model 5602.030.L, Forged Brass Vertical Bit Key Privacy Lock, in regular, lacquered, polished brass. Designed primarily for use on interior doors, the lock is new and has never been installed. A solid brass, bit key, for the inside/outside of the door, is included. Because it offers a locking dead bolt, this lock has a privacy function and can be used primarily on doors where privacy is desirable, such as a bedroom, bathroom, office or study. The latch bolt can be operated by the knob from either side; and the dead bolt can be operated by the bit key from either side as well. This rim lock is specifically intended for a left hand door and is not reversible . See illustration of handing along with the specifications of the lock in the attached images. All factory-supplied screws/fastners for lock and strike are included (in small white box).
Case measures 4-3/4" x 3-75" x.875"; keeper measures 4-3/4" x .875" x 1.625"; backset is 2.75" front to knob Note: This lock is not intended to be installed on doors with pre-bored, 2-1/8" diameter holes.
Full Disclosure: This lock is new in the box and was only recently opened/unpacked for the photographs in this listing. A cursory examination revealed no blemishes. The price for a new lock of this design is $850.
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