Baldwin Mantel Clock Westminster Chime Franz Hermie

This listing is for a Baldwin mantle clock. It measures 20" long by 9" tall by 4 3/4" wide. It has a cherry like finish. I would say that it's cherry wood but not 100% positive about that. The clock face has 3 winding holes. It says Baldwin westminister chime. There is a switch for silent and chime and along the bottom says Germany. Below the face on the front there is a spot where a name plate of some sort used to be. You cam see the sticky residue from where it once was. On the inside of the clock it says 85 franz hermie two (2) jewels unadjusted made in west Germany 340-020. I do not have a key to wind the clock but if I manually move the minute hand every 15 minutes it chimes a song. What song it is I am not aware. There are 5 different chimes and notes that are played. Everything seems to be intact. The case has a couple very minor dings which are hardly noticable when being displayed. The patina on the wood is in good condition. The patina on the face plate looks a little worn. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. Thanks so much.

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