Balinese Bali God of Wealth Statue Ancient Kepeng Coins

Balinese Bali God of Wealth Statue Ancient Kepeng Coins

Balinese Prayer Coin Statue of Batara Sedana, The God of Wealth - made from a couple of hundred ancient Chinese kepengs. Base, face, hands are made from carved sandalwood. Statue stands 15" tall and weighs 3lbs.

The kepeng, as a monetary symbol is sometimes used in the making of a coin statue of Batara Sedana, the god of wealth and the husband of Sri, the goddess of agriculture. These two gods have a shrine addressed to them in every Balinese family temple and home. Families keep the statue of Sedana as a token of wealth, as the word Sedana originates from dana, meaning wealth.

The traditional form of Balinese money is the kepeng, also called pis bolong. The word pis must be a shortened version of rupies, the legal tender of Indianized countries for centuries, while bolong, meaning hollow, denotes its peculiar shape, which is round and flat with a hole in the center. The kepeng is of Chinese origin, though, as apparent from the characters that show on the face of the coin.

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