BALLY EIGHT BALL DELUXE PINBALL....This is one of the all time classic pinball games and is very hard to find in any condition...Its won pinball game of the year for 2 years in a row which is a hard to do ....This has the original playfield and is in good condition for its age....note it has the three gold 8 ball deluxe covers / it has all the horse shoes on side targets / it has the eight ball target / it has 2x thru 5x targets for the bonus...has the bally sticker on door....Glass is in great shape as you can see ...we have changed over 50 bulbs and have all lights working .....its set on freeplay so its no issue to get games./ thresholds for extra games set...boards are in good shape and appears some chips have been replaced on cpu as you can see the clear bright clean writing of 8 ball on chips...sound board looks very clean and bright and gives great has new levelers on game...note the 8 ball on wood cabinet is in also good shape...It has mylar around the 3 pot bumpers (thank goodness) and appears factory installed as its clean under neath (not a patch job) . Note as in picture for some reason plastic is cut open (nice job) on left upper ramp...flippers are good and all options work as bonus, multipler hard as it is to find one of these games it will be tough to find one in this condition / it has been ... read more