Banana Bob BIG BOLD Gold Drop Earrings

We are shipping these wonderful collectible earrings FREE !

Banana Bob jewelry was made, during the late 80's and early 90's by an incredibly creative designer. Incorporating vintage findings which included German crystal, stamped brass and European glass, each item is a work of art unto itself. The look is unmistakably signature. These items were sold in upper end stores and boutiques. Banana Bob has shut down shop which means these wonderful and whimsical pieces are no longer available first hand. The company had a great following and, now that they are no longer in business, their items have become very desirable collectables. We have been blessed to come upon a number of Banana Bob earrings and brooches which we are offering for auction at prices you will, undoubtedly, find fairer than fair.

All our banana Bob items are new. Many are samples. They have never been worn and are in excellent condition.

Bold! Big! Really big! Satin finished gold tone drop earrings. They are screw on backs and measure 4" long. The drop measures 2 X 2". I am sorry that I may not have a card for these earrings.

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