Banana Sticker Label Collection - 130 different !!

's 130 different banana stickers that are duplicates from my collection up for auction. Yep, a banana sticker collection. Kind of a sub-area of those who collect fruit and vegetable labels. Over the years, I've amassed 2000+ different banana labels. About 5 years ago I started saving duplicates so I could trade with other collectors. Well, I never got around to trading as I began collecting other things as well (much to my wife's dismay). So they are on ebay. They're all on 4 pages, each label affixed to a sticker backing that is glued to an 8x11 piece of paper. The stickers come off the backing easily. All labels came directly from the banana, not from production rolls. Many are promotional advertisements for movies. (Completely useless trivia: Did you know that all banana labels are put on the bananas by hand? Machines would bruise and/or damage the bananas.)

Postage is $2 first class mail within the US. Ask for international rates.

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