Band Camp Cincy OH 2006 concert poster #/40 KISS Gene Simmons imagery PM art LE

Hey all... welcome back! Well... welcome back to me anyway! It's been a long while since I've had time to come up with some new sales listings but trying my best to get some things going so let's see what I can pull out of the files...
Bands: Band Camp, Extra Blue Kind, Strip the Image
Artist: Print Mafia
Year: 2006
Date of performance(s): 3/21
Venue: Poison Room
City: Cincinnati, OH
Process of creation: Screenprint
Signed/Numbered: Yes, from a limited run of 40 prints.
Size (approximate - please write if you'd like to get detailed dimensions): 9"W x 21"T
As I have done and will continue to do except in the cases of extremely particular and/or unique pieces, I am stating only a basic blanket statement regarding condition. ALL of these pieces are in generally very good to excellent shape. Most have no flaws whatsoever. Some may exhibit some light signs of handling such as a minor pressure mark in the border/edge area, light dinged/rounded corner, etc. If there is anything significant in terms of wear-n-tear it will be noted as such in the auction. If you have any question regarding a specific print or would just like me to do a detailed "once over" on a piece, please drop a line - the sooner in the auction the better so that I have time to respond (some people requested a detail on condition,
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