Bandai Robo machine RM-01 cycle GERMAN Card MIB NEW! 1982 gobots transformers

Hi, I Will sell 1 3 different BAN DAI MACHINE ROBO (robo machines gobots) from the original 600 Series AC TION FIGURES in 13 different auctions!!
Please have a look at the last foto in auction Nr. 1 to see all of the models !
All Blistercards (MIB , MOC) come from an old german stock , they are all UNOPENED with instructions and sticker shee t, never used - unbelieveable !! Each card has an individual "sticker" in german language , which describes the kind of transformation - and the Number RM 07 has a mistake on this sticker : it says "transforms robot into a airplane" (but the model is a sports car, so the name airplane = "flugzeug" is cross out!!!).
PLease not e: you are bidding for one model in each auction, an d it is the model, which is on the foto and in the headline - and which is marked red in the listing!
To give you an overview over the complete collection:
the whole collection Includes the following figures (and their Gobot names if applicable), but are sold in different auctions!!:
part of this auction:
RM-01 (72302): cycle robo (motorcycle) german text "Ein Roboter verwandelt sich in ein Motorrad"
RM-02:(72303) tank robo (panzer) german text: "Roboter wird zum tank"
RM-03 (72304)jet rbo (airplane) german text: "Roboter wird zum Flugzeug"
RM-04:(72305) heli robo (
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