BANDAI TAMATOWN by Tamagotchi FULL 12 Character Gotchi Figure VIRTUAL PETS SET

Each character comes with 2 character exclusive games that can be played with TamaTown Tama-Go (sold separately) . This a Tamagotchi Tama-go accessory and a Tamagotchi Tama-go is needed which is not included. If you already have a Tamagotchi Tama-go you can use these figures to unlock exclusive games on your Tama-go.
Visit shops and get character specific gifts.
Comes with a face plate to change the look of your Tamagotchi.
Includes exclusive web codes to access special gifts on .
This full 12 figure set contains:
- Mametchi #101
- Chamametchi #109
- Memetchi #110
- Kuchipatchi #120
- Violetchi #130
- Ringotchi #156
- Shimashimatchi #103
- Kuromametchi #105
- Ponytchi #111
- Sebiretchi #121
- Makiko #131
- Ichigotchi #155
Condition: Figure set is brand new and unopened.
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