Bang & Olufsen B&O: BEOGRAM 3404: turntable + MMC20EN


+ MMC 20 EN Cartridge


Mechanically, the Beogram 3404 works beautifully, with fully automatic features, including the "turn" cuing option. Normal wear to needle: please listen to sound samples (above) recorded from turntable, through Sylvania GTE Air Suspension speakers from late 1970s to get an example of the sound-quality you should expect to hear.

Platter, arm and cartridge - all in fantastic condition. Please see detailed photos. Wood grain also in great shape. Some scratches on top encasement piece (see photos).

Records used for audio samples:

Barbara Lewis: 45: Pushin' a Good Thing Too Far: Condition: VG+

My Bloody Valentine: LP: Come in Alone: Condition: VG++

The Sea & Cake: LP: Argument: Condition: VG++

Sonny Boy Williamson: LP: Don't Start Me Talkin: VG+

Manfactured: 1980 - 1982
Designer: Jacob Jensen

BeoGram 3404 Record Deck Product Specifications

Type: USA 5747 (1980 - Nov 1982)
Speeds / control range 33 - 45 rpm /> +/- 3%
Wow and flutter, DIN < +/- 0.06 %
Rumble weighted > 65 dB
Rumble unweighted > 45 dB
Motor / drive system Servo controlled DC / belt
Tonearm Radial, low mass
Bearings Knife vertical, ball horizontal
Tracking force 0

A word on MMC 20EN cartridge:

Chief Designer: Jacob Jensen

The MMC 20 EN was the successor to the MMC 4000 and had a high quality naked elliptical diamond mounted on an aluminium cantilever. The body was silver which matched the arms of the tangential turntables though it was also fitted to the higher end radial tracking turntables which had black magnesium tone arms. In common with the MMC 4000, it was well respected for its sound quality and less sensitive to environmental changes than the MMC 20 CL .

A word on the MMC series of cartridges:

The B&O MMC cartridge is a sterling example of Bang & Olufsen's pursuit and execution of superior design and engineering. "MMC" stands for Moving Micro-Cross, a design principle that integrated all of the cartridge components - coils, magnet, cantilever, and stylus and which became the patented moving-iron principle upon which all B&O cartridges were based. The MMC moving-iron cartridge is designed to produce the finest groove separation and accurate reproduction of music.

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