Old Bank Roll 1919 Wheat Showing & Wheat Penny Showing on Other End

Old Penny Bank Roll 1919 Wheat Penny Showing (Picture) & Wheat Penny Showing on other End! Stock Photo

Bought coins from Old Timer who Had been Collecting for over 65 Years Bought his Safe, and all His Coins. Kept the Silver and Selling the Rest!! Check out my Feedback some Awesome finds have Happened 1869 Indian Head, V.D.B.'S 1909 & 1931-S VF just to name a Few & Yes Dimes, Indian Head Cents , Steel Pennies. !! Truly Unsearched by me!

Note Rolls Unsearched can not Guarantee what You Find, Hope its Awesome!

Rolls May have between 46-52 Pennies

Please Make Payment within 24 Hours of Action Close ! Thank You

Happy Hunting>>>!!!

As Is, No Refunds,