Bank Style Shotgun Roll w/ FANTASTIC~GEM MINT Mercury Dime!

On the first side of this roll there is a Fantastic GEM MINT Philadelphia Minted Mercury Dime showing! The reverse of this Mercury Dime shows an incredible white tone with full split band detail as seen in the photos above. This coin is nearly mark free and looks almost perfect! On the other side of this roll there is a nice 1895 Indian Head Cent showing. This Indian Head cent has nice color and strong detail including full Liberty in the headband and nice ribbon detail with Diamonds still easily seen. This is the exact roll you will receive, this is not a stock photo. Please let the pictures be your judge on grade and value of this very neat roll!!!

Above is the detail for this great auction. I would like the opportunity to explain what you are bidding on. Up for sale is a Bank Style Roll of small cents that includes Indian Head Small Cents minted from 1859 to 1909 and Lincoln Wheat Cents minted from 1909 through 1958. I have listed and sold over 2500 of these very same rolls since I've been on Ebay. Due to the fact that I have no idea what's inside these rolls, I cannot accept any returns if the roll is opened. Also look at my feedback and !! If for any reason you feel that you can not leave a 5 Star feedback please contact me with any issues so we can resolve them. Purchase with confidence and enjoy looking around at
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