Banksy Tenner Genuine Originally from the Notting hill carnival in 2004

This is my listing for the now famous Banksy Tenner.

DiFaced to Barely legal 2004 as featured In Exit through the gift shop.

These were thrown into the crowd at the Notting hill carnival, some even tried to buy local goods from retail outlets, these are NOT legal tender.

also seen on Banksy Exit through the gift shop, and the ATM back in 2004

Banksy is now becoming one of the worlds best loved graffiti artists his work is second to none.

Some of his original works are selling for life changing amounts, these are now becoming rare and collected by serious enthusiast around the world.

I originally has a dozen of these that have diminished over the years, I am now selling a few of my collection.

If the bids reach a fair amount I will also send a Banksy signed envelope as a gesture from me to you.

This is MINT condition without any flaws it has not seen day light for nearly ten years.

Good luck and .