Banksy tenners, Notting hill Carnival 2004 to Barely Legal, Genuine Banksy.

You are buying a Genuine Banksy Di-faced tenner (£10 note), as seen on the Banksy film/documentary "exit through the gift shop".
Original notes are becoming more and more rare as rumour is that only 10,000 of these notes were issued by Banksy and distributed at several and various events including the Santa's ghetto exhibition in London and attached to Banksy ATM piece on Rosebery Av. London.
Capturing all all the 'Banksy' original changes like HRH princess Diana instead of The Queen, as well as the iconic wording "Banksy of England" and "I promise to pay the bearer on demand the ultimate price". - Please see detailed pictures.
These are some of the things to look for with an original and some important distinctive marks of authenticity for genuine pieces:-

Equilateral distance all over the borders Princess Diana's head piece should just about touch the border (some fakes fall very short). The serial number CA70 364470 needs to be a good distance from the number 10 in the right hand corner and centralised enough on the right hand side of the note. Overall coloration of the note, fakes being relatively easy to spot being either too colourful or too dull..! The weight of the note 1.34g.

Obviously no holograms, watermarks or security strips are on the notes these are merely printed on as Banksy simply scanned

100% money back guarantee if you are less than totally happy, that is my promise here in writing.

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