BAPS Von Arps Three Little Pigs and Wolf


These highly collectible BAPS Dolls were the creation of Frau Edith Von Arps in Germany around 1950. Her wonderful little dolls have hand-stitched, felt-covered wire armature bodies, and weighted metal feet so the dolls can stand on their own. She created sets of fairytale or storybook characters.

My great-aunt bought several of these dolls while teaching elementary school in the 60’s for the Air Force in Nuremberg, Germany.

The gray Wolf is in very good condition, with all details intact, including his tiny, hand-knotted teeth and pink felt tongue. There is some light orange-ish brown spotting on his body. It sort of looks like fuzz on top of the felt; however, it is not easily removable like fuzz. Since the dolls have always been stored in a dry, smoke-free environment, and felt is actually wool, I can only wonder if it is some sort of age discoloration.

Mr. Green-Jacket Pig's right eye is missing (it's a tiny black bead), and Mr. Fuschia-Jacket Pig has somehow lost his curly q-tail . Otherwise, all three roly-poly pigs are in very good condition, and ready to stand up to the Wolf!

The Three Little Pigs each measure 2 1/4" tall and the Wolf stands approx. 5 3/4" tall.

These dolls are in their original state; I have not attempted to alter or repair them in

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